Bluebird Nest Boxes & Predator Guards

These Bluebird boxes have been carefully designed to keep your Bluebirds safe and dry. We use materials and construction methods that will give you and your Bluebirds years of enjoyment.

1. Sparrow resistant Bluebird slot box
2. F&M Front opening box
3. Trex model with Cedar roof
4. PVC round model
5. NABS (North American Bluebird Society) model
6. Pederson
7. PVC square “mini box”
8. Introductory NABS Kit  (assembly needed)


Sparrow resistant Bluebird slot box
This is our most popular Bluebird nesting box. It features a small nesting compartment that is optimized for Bluebird compatibility and discourages House Sparrows from taking up residence. The wide opening provides an escape route for the mother Bluebird in the event of a House Sparrow intrusion. These boxes are made from Cedar, Pine, Catalpa and/or Cypress woods.



$35 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:Sparrow resistant Bluebird Slot Box:price:35:end]






Predator Guard – Protect your nest!
This optional Predator Guard can be added to any of our box models. It is constructed from 4″ x 4″ Sturdy hardware cloth. This protects your Bluebird box from raccoons,  feral cats, snakes, possums and other predators. Losing a nest to predators can be extremely frustrating and the Predator guard provides an extremely effective security system.


$15 + Shipping & Handling
[wp_cart:Predator Guard:price:15:end]





F&M Front opening box
This classic design can be made with Cedar or Catalpa wood, please indicate which wood you want your box made out of when ordering.  This model is rapidly becoming one of our favorites.


$35 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:F&M Front opening box:price:35:end]




TREX Model with cedar roof
Constructed of weatherproof TREX material and Cedar roof.


$25 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:TREX Model with cedar roof:price:25:end]



PVC 4″ Round Box
This is a design that is extremely Sparrow and weather resistant. One of the top Bluebirders in Pennsylvania uses this box almost exclusively on his trails.


$25 + Shipping & Handling

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North American Bluebird Society style. This box opens from the side for easy box examination.


$35 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:N.A.B.S. Box:price:35:end]




Pederson Box
Front opening Pederson design. This model has a classy look and is a favorite on golf courses. Steep roof slant protects bluebirds.


$35 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:Pederson Box:price:35:end]






Square PVC box
Extremely sparrow resistent – Sparrows do not like small or tight nesting cavities!
Inner box dimensions are (3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″)  


$25 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:Square PVC Box:price:25:end]




Introductory NABS Kit
This is a great kit to assemble with your students, children, girl scout group, etc.  Only a screwdriver is needed for assembly and it comes with all necessary screws and instructions.


$15 + Shipping & Handling

[wp_cart:Introductory N.A.B.S. Kit:price:15:end]



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