The Beloved and Charismatic Bluebird

“The Beloved and Charismatic Bluebird”

This is a “hands-on” guide to Bluebirds that provides practical knowledge and proven techniques to increase your chances of being successful with Bluebirds in your backyard. New, up-to-date techniques will be presented regarding habitat selection, building and installing nest boxes, monitoring techniques, planting flora for Bluebirds, and protecting them from predators. Over 90 color photographs will enhance the story from the first page to the last!


Our goal is to support activities that foster the resurgence of Bluebirds and other cavity nesting birds in our home areas.
Our primary focus is to develop house sparrow resistant nest boxes and other predator-guard devices.
Education is key in having a rewarding experience with “The Little Blue Robins”.
May all your experiences with Bluebirds be richly rewarding. Happy Bluebirding !

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